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Our Story

Cane and Grain International are a UK based independent bottler of fine spirits, offering bespoke single cask Scotch whisky bottlings to distributors and select retailers around the world.


A FULLY BESPOKE experience

Why Choose a Bespoke Bottling?

Bespoke Bottling ensures that you can present your spirit in the way that best reflects your brand and needs. We provide a turnkey solution from bottle selection to label and packaging design.  This complete service frees up your time to concentrate on your core business while still delivering a product that perfectly fits your requirements.



How it Works

Cask Selection

Explore through our exclusive cask collection across all regions and age profiles.

Bespoke Design

Work with our world class design team to bespoke your label and custom finishes from our pre-existing creative concepts


We will bottle your selected cask to meet your exact specifications - liquid, age, strength, cask finish, filtration, colouring etc.  All compliant with HMRC and other regulatory requirements.


Once you agree the design, providing you make a purchase every 12 months, the design is exclusive to you in your country.

Importers & Distributors

With over 25 years industry experience working with the world biggest importers and exporters of whisky we a full range of consultancy services from shipping to sales. 

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With over 25 years industry experience working with the world biggest importers we can provide turnkey luxury private label products. 

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Private Individuals

We can offer a bespoke cask for you to mark a special birthday or anniversary.  Already own a cask?  We are happy to bottle this for you to take away the hassle.

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For Clubs

Raising a glass to your club with a bespoke bottling offers fans a unique experience. Highly collectable, we work with a range of sporting organisations allowing them to release their own bottlings which celebrate club landmarks and players.

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Liquid Consultancy

Have a cask to sell or looking to purchase spirit, contact us below to see what Cane & Grain can offer you.


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